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At Square One Dental, our experienced dentists may recommend dental bridges near you to restore your teeth and give you back your beautiful smile and functional eating abilities. Dental bridges are an appealing restoration for missing teeth. They’re also durable, custom-made for your mouth, and look beautiful from any angle.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Bridges are used to fill gaps caused by the loss of one or more teeth. A traditional dental bridge has two crowns on each end that anchor to healthy teeth in the mouth, with false teeth or dental crowns spanning the middle. Other types of bridges can rely on dental implants or the natural teeth to anchor the bridge. Talk to our dentists about which options are available based on your health and needs.

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What to Expect During the Procedure

Dental bridge installation requires several visits to complete. The first step is to carefully examine your teeth and prepare the area. The next step is to send an impression of your mouth to the lab so they can make your custom-designed piece. In a second appointment, we will install the bridge. Keep in mind that additional appointments might be needed to ensure you get the best fit from your dental bridge, including full comfort and function.

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