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Periodontists are experts in the field of gum disease and treating the structures in the mouth that support the teeth. They focus on prevention and treatment and have further education in the specialty, including hands-on experience in diagnosing gum disease conditions. General dentists can treat most gum disease cases, but if it progresses to an advanced stage or presents as a rare form of gum disease, a periodontist will be called in.

Healthy Gums Make Healthy Teeth

Gums are the structures that hold your teeth in place. Without them, the roots and nerves of our teeth would be exposed, and we would suffer a lot of pain. Healthy gums do not bleed, nor are they sore. If you experience either of those symptoms, we recommend telling our dentists during your next visit. If gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to receding gums, bone loss, and more. The best prevention of gum disease is regular flossing and brushing twice daily.

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Gum disease can be painful and often leads to other dental problems. Treating gum disease early is the best option for successful treatment. If you are experiencing highly sensitive, bleeding, or painful gums, talk to our experienced dentists at your next appointment. We’ll examine your gums and determine the best course of treatment from there.

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