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Advancements in dental technology have made modern dental crowns look just like real teeth. Using composite resin, our dental lab can create a durable, custom-fitted crown that matches the natural shade of your teeth, so you can smile with confidence knowing your crown is secure and will last you for years into the future.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Before a dental crown can be made, our dentists need to take an impression of your teeth. Crowns are custom-made for each patient and can take about two weeks to create. Depending on your treatment, you might be fitted with a temporary crown while your custom-made piece is at the lab. Once your permanent crown is ready, our dentists will ensure it is placed in the perfect position to allow you a natural bite and a secure fit.

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When Is a Dental Crown Needed?

A dental crown can be recommended for a few reasons. They are frequently installed after a root canal for the purpose of strengthening the remaining natural tooth structure. They are also used to protect and hold together a fractured or cracked tooth with healthy roots. In both cases, the crown is fitted over the remaining pieces of the tooth so you can return to biting and chewing as normal.

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