Restoration Dentistry

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At Square One Dental, we specialize in helping restore your smile and dental function with our wide range of restoration dentistry. 


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What is Restorative Dental Therapy?

Restorative procedures utilize multiple dental specialties to return full oral function and improve the appearance of your smile. Restorative dental procedures replace severely decayed tooth structure and focus on preserves as many natural teeth as possible. For patients with missing teeth due to accident or infection, certain restorative dental treatments help prevent further tooth loss by stimulating the health of supporting tissue. 


Benefits of Restoration Dentistry

Patients can enjoy incredible benefits following restoration treatment, such as:

- Renewed dental function
- Improved alignment and bite
- Overall healthier smiles

One of the most important benefits of restorative treatment is improved oral health. Seeking restorative care helps to eliminate decayed and damaged dental enamel, thereby limiting the chances for future oral health complications. We take care to treat any underlying causes of decay and infection so you can easily maintain oral hygiene at home. 

Dental Restorations in Mississauga

At Square One Dental, our mission is to provide patients with procedures that provide relief from dental problems long after treatment. Our dental restorations protect vulnerable teeth and soft tissue from further infections. We believe that preventing dental decay in the future is the best way to provide long lasting dental care. Our dental specialists work together to develop seamless treatment plans for patients in need of restorations.


Why Do I Need Dental Restorations?

Dental restorations can be applied to any patient with compromised oral health. This can include patients who have recurring cavities post root canal treatment or those with missing teeth. Even patients with dental issues caused by natural wear and tear can benefit from dental restorations.
Our Mississauga practice specializes in endodontics, prosthodontics, and periodontics. When combined with the innovative technology incorporated into our procedures, we are able to restore health, strength, and vibrancy to your smile.

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