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At Square One Dental, we understand the importance of a healthy bite and straight teeth. Our orthodontist, Dr. Gus Spillas, provides orthodontic treatments in our Mississauga practice to correct crowded or crooked teeth, bite misalignments, and other jaw problems. 

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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontics in MississaugaOur Mississauga orthodontists and staff provide traditional treatments such as braces and retainers for every member of the family. However, many patients find themselves self-conscious about having metal in their smile. Modern braces are more comfortable and offer a low-profile that minimally impacts your aesthetic needs. 

It’s important to consider orthodontic treatment not just for the beauty of your smile, but it’s health, too. Braces can help you or a loved one avoid long-term dental concerns such as:

- Dental Damage
- Susceptibility to Decay 

At Square One Dental, your overall health is important to us. With a misaligned bite, chewing and speaking can become difficult with the onset of TMD; in which there is pain and locked jaw. Crowded teeth may impact your aesthetics and can make it difficult for you to practice daily oral hygiene and remove plaque and debris. We offer a range of orthodontic services for patients of all ages to ensure healthy smiles. 

Custom Orthodontic Treatments in Mississauga

As your orthodontist, Dr. Spillas takes into consideration your specific needs and targets overall health concerns to develop a treatment plan that is customized to you. Whether you are considering early orthodontics for your child or are looking for an opportunity to have your smile straightened, we provide a variety of treatments. 

Traditional Braces - Discreet and comfortable, modern braces straighten the smile with ease. Metal brackets are attached to the fronts of teeth and are connected with a wire. This wire is gradually tightened over the course of your orthodontic treatment, putting pressure on teeth to move into proper position while realigning the jaw. You or your child can enjoy customizing your brackets with colored rubber bands that are replaced every visit. 

Invisalign - For patients seeking a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional methods, we offer Invisalign clear aligners. These trays are created utilizing Invisalign technology, which allows you to review your treatment plan and results before your first aligner. 

Retainers - Once treatment is complete, we offer retainers to hold teeth in position. In order to prevent the need for additional orthodontic services, retainers reinforce your new smile. 

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Dr. Spillas and his staff at Square One Dental in Mississauga are happy to help you find the right orthodontic treatment. If you’re interested in our services, such as Invisalign, give us a call today or schedule a consult online


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