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There are various methods that are uncomplicated or involve a number of dental visits, which can enhance the aesthetics of your smile. At Square One Dental, our team is committed to providing comprehensive care with a focus on your oral health, whilst still addressing your goals for enhancing your smile. With veneers, our Mississauga dentists can enhance dull, chipped, unattractive teeth into natural, healthy looking components of your smile. 


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Veneers: Are They Worth It?  

If you have a number of minor cosmetic dental issues that combine together to create an overall unattractive smile, veneers can be transformative. For patients who feel that their smile inhibits their self-esteem, but don’t want to pursue multiple treatments, veneers are a comprehensive option that can restore your smile in as few as two dental visits.

veneers in Mississauga

To determine if you are a candidate for veneers, our Mississauga dentist will examine your smile for the various aesthetic concerns: 

- Slight Overcrowding
- Cracked or Broken Teeth
- Misshaped Teeth 
- Crooked Teeth
- Deeply Stained Teeth 

Our goal is to return your smile to a healthy and whiter appearance. While veneers can repair small chips, cracks and breaks in teeth, patients with severe dental damage or occlusion problems may find that veneers do not offer the full coverage needed to achieve their ideal smile. 

Porcelain Veneers in Mississauga

At Square One Dental, we are committed to the quality of our cosmetic dental restorations and the care provided during your visit. Porcelain veneers are stain resistant and compared to crowns, don’t require extensive shaping and are relatively stronger. Customized to match and blend in with your natural teeth, your new veneers look like true dental enamel. 

During the placement process, teeth are lightly buffed, ensuring firm veneer attachment and a natural looking tooth. Created at a trusted local lab, our veneers enhance your confidence by transforming your smile with a short treatment process.

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At Square One Dental, your dream smile is achievable with porcelain veneers. For more information on how to get a whole new smile with veneers, contact our Mississauga dental practice today.  



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