Cleanings & Prevention

Keep Your Teeth Clean With a Visit to Square One Dental

Healthy teeth are the foundation for a number of daily functions, like eating and speaking. When your oral health is compromised, so is your ability to complete those functions easily. The dentists at Square One Dental in Mississauga educate patients on the right way to maintain good oral hygiene with routine cleanings and at-home dental care. With this information, patients have the skills they need to keep their smiles healthy and vibrant.

Preventive Patient Education 

To maintain good oral health, patients of all ages need to regularly visit their dentist for routine dental check-ups and cleanings. During these examinations, our Mississauga dentists examine your mouth, head and neck to ensure that oral structures and overall oral function are healthy. These appointments give patients the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about maintaining long-term oral hygiene.

For children transitioning from baby teeth to permanent teeth, regular dental visits are especially important. Decayed baby teeth can cause future dental issues for incoming permanent teeth. At Square One Dental, our dentists examine your child’s teeth for cavities. We also monitor the change in your child’s teeth to determine whether they may need certain dental treatment, like braces or wisdom teeth extraction, in the future.

Our dentists can also help your child learn the right way to brush and floss at home. By developing good dental hygiene skills early in life, your child can prevent the need for extensive procedures in the future. 


Regular Teeth Cleanings

One of the best things you can do for your teeth is regularly visit your dentist for professional cleanings. By visiting at least twice a year, our dentists can check your dentition for any abnormalities and thoroughly clean your teeth. During this check-up, we:

- Remove plaque and tartar build up
- Check your gums for periodontal disease by measuring the space between the gums and teeth
- Examine for lesions or nodules that may be cancerous. 

By comprehensively examining your entire dentition, our Mississauga dentists can develop appropriate treatment plans that prevent further complications and fit your unique dental needs. 

Preventive dentistry, such as regular cleanings and exams, has been shown to be crucial when it comes to maintaining overall health. Patients that practice a good oral health regimen have a reduced chance of heart attack and stroke, which has been linked to the same bacteria that cause gum disease. Visits to our dental practice twice a year can help reduce build-up of bacteria and keep your smile healthy.

Serving Mississauga Patients of All Ages Since 1981

Preventing dental complications starts with regular visits to your dentist. Square One Dental offers a wide range of specialty treatments, from orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry, allowing us to identify and treat dental problems before they can cause damage to your smile. 

Located in the Square One Shopping Center, Square One Dental Center has offered comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages for over 30 years. Our highly skilled staff is dedicated to providing you with the treatment and education you need to keep your smile healthy. Call us today to schedule your next teeth cleaning.


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