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Your smile is important to you, which is why at Square One Dental, our first priority is to preserve and restore natural teeth. Sometimes there are cases where saving the natural tooth is just not possible, often due to a severe root infection or damage that extends beyond repair. When no other option is possible, our dentists will recommend tooth extraction. Extractions may also be recommended when there is overcrowding in the mouth, for potentially problematic wisdom teeth, and a variety of other reasons.

Pain-Free Teeth Extractions Near You

Before we begin the procedure, we’ll use a local anesthetic so that you are comfortable and without pain during the procedure. If you begin to feel any pain or discomfort, we can pause the procedure and provide you with more anesthetic. Once the extraction is completed and your socket (the remaining empty space on the gums) is fully healed, we can provide you with a restorative or cosmetic treatment to ensure you can still bite, smile, speak, and swallow without difficulty.

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woman with teeth pain needs wisdom teeth removal in Mississauga

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Mississauga

Wisdom teeth frequently require extraction and our dentists are experienced in this routine procedure. Wisdom teeth are the final adult teeth to develop, and they often cause overcrowding and other dental problems. Our dental professionals observe your wisdom teeth progression using dental x-rays during regular exams. If it’s required, our dentists will recommend extraction and explain the procedure in more detail so you can make a decision about removal that feels right for you or your child.

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