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Orthodontist in Mississauga - Straighten Your Teeth

Orthodontic treatment using traditional methods such as metal braces and retainers are a great and affordable option for correcting crowded or crooked teeth, bite misalignments, and other jaw problems. Orthodontist Dr. Gus Spillas at Square One Dental in Mississauga, Ontario offers expert orthodontic treatment to fit your lifestyle and needs.orthodontics in Mississauga

Orthodontic Services
Our expert staff in Mississauga is pleased to offer several orthodontic services to our patients. Dr. Spillas can talk with you about your orthodontic needs.

 Metal Braces
Traditional braces have come a long way in terms of appearance. Today, they are much smaller and more discreet, in addition to being more comfortable. Traditional braces are made up of metal brackets that are attached to teeth with an adhesive. These brackets are then inter-connected with wire. Over time, the wire is gradually tightened and the resulting pressure straightens your teeth while realigning the jaw. Square One Dental offers many fun customization options that kids and teens enjoy, such as colored rubber bands and beads that can be switched at each orthodontic office visit.

• Retainers
Orthodontic treatment from start to finish can take a long time and may not be permanent.
Square One offers our Mississauga patients retainers. These custom orthodontic devices are designed to hold teeth in position after they’ve been moved with braces. This reinforces your new teeth alignment and prevents the need for additional orthodontics treatment. 

• Sports Guards
Many people enjoy a wide variety of athletic activity however are often concerned with protecting their braces. Square One believes that braces shouldn’t restrict a patient’s passion. That’s why we offer our orthodontics patients custom mouth guards. With these guards, patients can enjoy their favorite activity while protecting their teeth and braces from any potential sports-related oral trauma.

Dr. Spillas and the friendly staff at Square One Dental in Mississauga are pleased to offer the most modern and affordable orthodontic options Invisalign. Regardless of your orthodontic need, we are happy to help you find the right oral appliance and begin your journey to beautiful, straight teeth.

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Here at Square One Dental, our Mississauga orthodontic staff enjoys making our patients happy, and we know that you’ll be pleased with the results of orthodontic treatment by Dr. Spillas. We accept Assignment Insurance, and the results of orthodontic treatment are beautiful and long lasting.

If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment, give us a call today or schedule a consult online. We can’t wait to get started! Square One Dental is located in the Square One Shopping Centre, across the street from Mississauga Civic Centre and Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus.