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Dentist in Mississauga, ON - Square One Dental - Family Dental Centre

Square One Dental - Since 1981

Welcome to the official website of Square One Dental, a dental office in Mississauga, offering comprehensive dental services that include:Dental Centre Square One

• Orthodontics
• Emergency dentistry
• Oral surgery
• Periodontics
• Restoration dentistry
• Cosmetic dentistry

The variety of dental specialties we offer in one location means you and your family can count on one practice for all of your dental needs. All of the professionals at Square One Dental work together toward a common goal: keeping your teeth and gums healthy. We hope our website will serve as a resource for you if you are considering any dental treatments, or simply wish to learn more about the services we offer. Our office is modern and paperless and offers all-digital services seven days a week, including evening appointments, for your convenience. 

A Modern Dental Office

When you walk into our Mississauga dental office, you will notice an open, welcoming environment with televisions in the waiting room. There is also a special children's corner with games and colorful walls to keep children entertained while they wait for an appointment. Each operatory, or patient room, is equipped with cable television to help you relax before or during your appointment. If it is time for your yearly dental X-rays, you may notice that Square One Dental performs X-ray examinations without the traditional bitewing films - that's because Square One Dental is an all-digital dental office. Instead of films, a special receiver is used to transmit images of your teeth and gums to a computer. This instant imaging method not only cuts down on paper, it also utilizes 80 percent less radiation than traditional imaging.
Our Friendly Dental Professionals

At Square One Dental's Mississauga location, you have access to a wide variety of dental specialists that offer services which include restorative dentistry -- such as dental implant restorations; oral surgery; teeth whitening; orthodontic services, such as Invisalign®, and wisdom teeth extractions. While having a variety of treatment options available is important, Square One Dental's first emphasis is preventive care. This includes spending time with patients to explain better brushing and flossing methods and keeping regular check-ups. Square One Dental is a family dentistry office, meaning we care for patients of all ages, so we can start our youngest patients on the road to a lifetime of excellent dental health.
Getting Started

If you are looking for a dentist in Mississauga, consider our Square One dental team for an initial consultation. After filling out information on your medical history and any dental concerns, our specialists can evaluate your dental concerns and goals and work with you to create a treatment plan.
While you can call our dental office to make an appointment, you can also click on the "Appointment Request" tab to request an appointment, listing your preferred days, times and any special requests.
If you have questions for our Mississauga dental team, please contact our office, located in Walmart in Square One, to speak with a member of our caring office staff.


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